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Christer Alexander Jenson
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May 2009
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As for the personal life

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Still waiting for my letter of admission to the UiO Faculty of Law. They’re apparently still working on my case!

Today’s been pretty fulfilling. I’ve done a full-home vacuuming and gone over with soap and water (I am very glad I have a small home). I’ve cleaned. And now I’m preparing a few notes before me and my wife — bless her — are off to our weekly roleplaying game. We’re currently playing the What Follows in Shadow adventure in the Wheel of Time RPG setting, and I angle to send the characters headlong into the Prophecies of the Dragon series of adventure later. Mwahahaha… They’re in for a RIDE!

I’m also pondering how to most easily deal with my forgetfulness. Will I remember to look up appointments in an appointment book? Gah, if only my memory hadn’t started to fail on me.


You don't have a cellphone?

Too gadget-y. I'm thinking I need the low-tech thing an appointment book gives me.

Well, the cellphone option does have its benefits, you know. Like having reminders that are very loud and hard to ignore. I'm not a gadget person. I have a two-years-old cellphone, hardly used except for appointments and work-related calls and text messages.

I'm really really REALLY good at ignoring loud reminders. I've found that cell phones are excellent for dayplanners, but really bad for todo lists and task lists. At least for me. :-/

My private lessons professor at university suggested to all of his students to carry around a pocket-sized appointment book/day planner. By being pocket-sized, you can carry it around easily and without a lot of the hassle and "why don't I leave this home" of larger sizes.

My 2 cents.