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Christer Alexander Jenson
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Christer Alexander Jenson [userpic]
'twas the night before the day before Christmas and all through the city,

not a peasant was stirring, 'cept a car dirty and gritty
Suddenly there was a strange noise in the lot
There was a child about to be begot
I couldn't see any excitement from the spot where I lay
So I went to slip down the birth canal just as fast as I may...

This very minute, twenty years ago, I came crashing and screaming into the world. I'm told I was a great surprise, not being expected before the first of January. My birth was relatively uneventful, Mother and I were lonely in the birth ward.

Last Year
I had just arrived from Canada, and was pulling an in my opinion great prank on Grandmama -- planning to arrive unannounced at Christmas dinner. Mother sank that battleplan on this day by forcing me to call and ask her to put an extra plate on the table. Later, it was commented that this was the second year I've been her Christmas present.

Five Years Ago in Nibelheim...
I became responsible for my crimes... No real change. There was cake, fun, and a merry time. I was glad to be half-way to the finish line with my teenages.

Ten Years Ago
Memories from this era in my life are pretty scarce, but according to my Grandmama, I signed my name in her scrapbook as "Høyesterettsjustitiarius Christer Jenson" (the title translates as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court). I've been doomed to an interest in law ever since. 1997 was also the year when my Great-Uncle died, the first death in the family I can recall (my grandfather died in 1989, that's the only other one).

Fifteen Years Ago
Believe it or not, memories from THIS era are even more scarce. I don't have many memories from before school-age, and they're all pretty jumbled together as it is. I remember sitting upon my Great-Uncle's lap and reading the newspaper out loud. I remember sneaking up to him and having slices of bread with butter and sugar on top when I didn't feel like whatever my parents and brethren were having. He taught me much, and I hope I've done him right.

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:) Happy 3 hours(EST) til your birthday Høyesterettsjustitiarius Christer (copy/paste ftw). :D Hope all ye wish for comes true. Cake!

Happy Birthday!

Many happy returns. I mean returns of the birthday, not returns to the screaming scene through the birth canal. You wouldn't fit, either. :-P

Very nice post, this :-).

So, to help your memories - and ours! - you should probably do one of those here every year from now on, at least until you get elected chief of justice :-D!

So much for the legend that early born babies tend to be smallish and sickly ever after :-p.


Happy Burfdag d00d, *lick*, how old are you now? 20?

The "twenty years ago" should be a clue. :-)

Happy Birthday! Enjoy the celebrations of your birthday and the holidays!

OOOH!^^ HAPPY BIRTHDAY krikkert! o^______^o

What a lovely post.

Happy birthday, krikkert. May you have many more.

a belated happy 20th!

I really should stop by livejournal more often. A belated Happy Birthday to you! I hope that your twenties are everything you want them to be. :)

- Liz