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Christer Alexander Jenson
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May 2009
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Christer Alexander Jenson [userpic]

Quote of today:

"Sex is easy. Good sex is a little more difficult. Love is hard to find in today's world. The hardest thing to find is someone who is sexually compatible with you, loves you, wants to be with you, and gives good head."

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Too true :-D.

On the other hand - you might want to repeat that research yourself anyway, right...?

The other few millions seem hardly able to wait :-p

Re: Too true :-D.

No need to, I've already found one. ^^

Re: Too true :-D.

Fine, fine - I'll better not comment any further, then :-).

Wish you a good run, of course!!

Re: Too true :-D.

I should introduce the two of you, it'd be fun. She's a Catholic. :D

Re: Too true :-D.

Oopsie ;-).

I won't guarantee for nothing... Seems you're doing a good job in making her see the light anyway :-p

Re: Too true :-D.

Which light? The one at the end of the tunnel? ;-)

I had that, and then I had to go and break up with her...

Now why did you do that? o.O

That's what I'm wondering now.

Well, it had *something* to do with the fact that she was an extremely clingy control freak.

I like clingy. Control freaks, not so much.